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GLS 的學生們

每年來 GLS, 柏林语言学校 學德語的學生大約有 5,000 人上下. 你可以在這裡遇上他們其中的一些人. 這些學生來自 60 多個國家﹐他們的年紀各個不同. Average student numbers per month are 200 - 300, in summer time 450.

Ages & Nationalities

Who GLS students are

Have a look at  their profiles in the GLS Berlin community! GLS entertains a forum for students, and among members you will find not only international students, who learn German with GLS in Berlin, but also Germans, who go abroad with GLS Sprachreisen 

Students by ages

Statistics below show last year´s average - in July and August the percentage of younger students tends to be higher than in the other months.

18 - 22 years24 %
23 - 28 years34 %
29 - 39 years28 %
40+14 %

Where GLS students come from